13 ways to increase blog traffic

13 ways to get your blog noticed

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You’ve been blogging a while and it feels as if things are taking forever to get any real traction. How do you get your blog noticed?


There are always new bloggers coming on to the scene and equally a pool of bloggers who are struggling to be seen. I’m going to share some tips on how to get your blog noticed, so you can start to make some real progress.


So, how do you move from your blog being read by your mum and best friend, to thousands of regular readers?



13 ways to getting your blog noticed

1. Be open about the fact that you’re a blogger.


Acknowledge it and say it out loud. Often people are seeking exposure, but then they’re not being open about the fact that they blog. They feel too uncomfortable to tell friends or family.This mindset will be preventing them from getting the exposure that they seek.


It can be weird at first when your blog is being read by people. I still find it a bit odd, but newsflash, if you want your blog’s traffic to increase, people are going to be reading it.


2. Be yourself


It’s so important to be authentic. People can spot a fake a mile off. Why would you want to be something other than who you truly are anyway? Try to let your own voice and personality shine through in your writing. Write just as you speak, using contractions and the language you would use if talking to a friend. Often we’re educated to write in a formal way, but often that isn’t how we speak. So, relax and have fun with your writing more. Imagine you’re writing to one person and let it flow.



Your voice and your way of communicating is your unique selling point. That’s the special quality which makes you different to everyone else. You might have the same experiences as someone, but you have your unique perspective and your own way of telling that tale.


3. Produce great content


This should go without saying, but the more your content is valuable, helpful and generally epic, the more your blog will get noticed. If your special sauce is being able to make people laugh, then people will head to your blog when they need light relief. They might even tell their friends about you too.


Whether you’re an interior designer or a fashion blogger, we’ve all got our own niche and our own way to help our audience. Everything you create should either be helpful or make people feel something.


4. Visuals are so powerful


Whether that’s your blog design, images, pictures or infographics they are vital to your blog. It’s important that your branding is consistent across all of your, platforms. This means keeping the same colour schemes, fonts, style, language, EVERYTHING! In an ideal world people should see a colour scheme or a photo and know it’s your brand. People process images 60,000 faster than words, so they are crucial to have in your blog’s arsenal.


5. Building links outside blogging


If you have a specific niche, for example, say you’re a fashion blogger. You could interview a model or a designer. These people are related to your niche, but they are not other bloggers. They will, however, bring more traffic to your blog.


6. Create posts with certain networks in mind


If you’ve got a really good helpful piece of content, make sure it’s really optimised for Pinterest. This means adding a good pinnable image that’s going to encourage people to click. Make sure it has an enticing, descriptive comment in the alt text, as people will read this and decide whether to click through.


Decide what is the best way for me to provide this information to my audience. You might decide that a video is the best way, a blog post or a Facebook Live.


7. Collaborate with other bloggers


Collaborations can be a great way to expand your reach, build traffic, increase followers numbers and get noticed. You can get instant access to that person’s audience and possibly even their network too.


You can collaborate with someone exactly the same niche doing a similar thing to you or with a vertical market partner – someone who serves the same audience as you, but in a different way.


8. Get the right theme


It’s really important to get the right theme for your blog. Ensure that it works in a way to enhance the user experience. Do you want to show your posts in a traditional blog style. Or do you want more control regarding how you lead your readers through the content on your site. If it’s the latter, then perhaps a static homepage is better for you.


9. Support other bloggers


Be a nice person and support other bloggers whenever you can. Even if it’s just going onto their Facebook page and liking their posts. Be a good person and it will come back to you.


10. Try something new


Don’t over analyse everything. Why not try something new? Start using Stumbleupon and submit your posts for a month and see if it helps your traffic. If not, then try something else. Give it enough time to test it properly, but don’t be afraid of trying.


11. Post consistently


It’s really important as a new blogger to publish content consistently. Both Google and your audience will appreciate it. Don’t think this has to be daily, even consistent posting twice a week will send a signal.


12. Go self hosted


Going self hosted means that you have more control over the way your blog looks (with a greater selection of themes), more functionality with plugins and it will also send a signal to brands that you’re serious.


13. Share your highs and lows


While no-one wants to listen to Negative Nelly 24/7, there’s such value in authenticity. People want to connect with people who are like them. Showing that you are human will go along way.



Here are some ideas that you can use to really start to get your blog the attention it deserves. What are you going to focus on first?


Are you struggling to get traffic? To make your mark? Here are 13 WAYS TO GET YOUR blog noticed

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  1. Good advices. I would even go as far as saying that you sometimes should interview other bloggers in your niche. Despite giving them a link, you are sort of planting a seed and the chances of getting a “natural” backlink later is very high if you deliver high quality posts.

  2. What a wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing! I recently revamped my entire website and all of my old comments and likes from my blog posts were deleted since I switched platforms (Wix to WordPress). I’m trying to re-build the traffic and audience that I had on my old website/domain/platform so these tips are definitely going to come in handy.

  3. Good advice! My blog is struggling right now. I have therefore started a blog growth series to to see if it can gain some exposure. You’re right, we shouldn’t be afraid to try something new.

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