Don’t focus here when choosing an email service provider

Where to focus when choosing an email service provider

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Where to focus when choosing an email service provider



We ALL know the money is in the list. Albeit an ‘engaged’ list. We know it’s super important to build an email list to support our business. We don’t own any of our social media followers so while building up a following on multiple platforms can be useful as part of our growth strategy, there is nothing as effective as building your own email list.


If you’re new to email lists you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. You know you should be building your list, but there are so many options our there that you just end up feeling stuck.


Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting your email list for a while. You’ve looked at the options, checked out the sales pages, compared prices, but still you seem unable to take action and move forward.


Sound familiar? Stop it now!


While these questions are all valid. They’re not where you should be starting from. This is exactly why so many entrepreneurs/content creators get stuck in the planning stage of email list building and never actually move on….


Step one


Before you start thinking about which specific service would be the best fit for you, you need to ask yourself how you can best serve your audience? 


Whether you’re audience are coaching clients, new mums, bloggers, or entrepreneurs, they have pain points and needs that they need you to help them with. When you figure out what they’re need is, you’ll know;


  • Which opt-in incentive will serve your audience the best. What will really help them the take action and move forward?


  • How can you then use your email list going forward to provide the best value for those who join? 


Don’t spend too much time trying to make  this perfect, think of it as a Minimum Viable product. Your opt-in incentive doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel. The best opt ins are something simple; a checklist, cheatsheet or even a video or audio file. Don’t giving away everything you know, think about providing value. You want your readers to take action and feel good, not to be overwhelmed and wish they’d never started. 


When creating an opt in freebie you should always focus on giving the reader a quick win. Demonstrating everything you know about a particular topic is only really serving your ego. Get your audience a result, however small and they will want to come back for more.


To provide value to those on your email list, keep these things in mind:


  • Regular communication is so important (set up an autoresponder series if you’re not good with remembering to email your list).


  • Give before you ask — Make sure you provide value, over and over again. There should be way more value given than sales asked for.


  • Your job is to be the shortcut – to distill the information your audience need. Provide them with this information in the most straight forward way possible. Don’t give them everything you know.


What is your list-building goal?


How will you be using your list? Will you:


  • Send an update weekly or monthly? You need a plan!


  • Create a pre-scheduled autoresponder series? You should definitely have a welcome sequence ready and waiting in your autoresponder software.


  • Will you be using affiliate links to generate income? Make sure the affiliate scheme you are with allow the link in the email body. If not (like Amazon) you will have to link to a post which contains the links instead.


  • Do you have your own services and products to share? How will you incorporate them?



So you can see that it’s not a case of picking an email service provider and hoping everything falls into place. The answers to these questions will help you determine not only the right email service provider for your list-building needs, but you will also know exactly how your going to use the service going forward to benefit yourself, your business and your audience.



Which email service provider do you use? I use Convertkit (aff link).


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You know the money is in the list. You know that you need to build your list, but where do you start? How do you know which email marketing platform to use? Where will you house all of your lovely new subscribers? Don’t Focus Here When Choosing An Email Service Provider

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