Can you make Pat Flynn happy? Taking action as a creative entrepreneur.

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So often I see people being scared of taking action. They don’t want to fail. So they just don’t do anything……


They never think about what would happen if they don’t fail, if they succeed and if they fly. They’re never going to know unless they try. Unless they go for it. I get it, it’s scary, and our brains are wired to keep us safe. The path of least resistance means we will, by nature, take the easiest route. Often that is the tried and tested. The one that is the most familiar to us.


The thing is the path of least resistance doesn’t often lead to great achievement. We can always do the things that are easy, but sometimes the action we need to take can be uncomfortable. This doesn’t mean it’s wrong (in fact it usually means it’s right!). We can be so petrified of feeling uncomfortable that we don’t take action at all. We want everything to be perfect, the path laid out in front of us to be smooth and guaranteed. If we don’t see a path like this, we will just keep waiting.


I fully embrace taking imperfect action. In my eyes nothing has to be perfect, it just has to get done. See you can sit on a post or idea for weeks, months even. Maybe you’re a bit scared or unsure and so you don’t get it out into the world. You’re waiting for the right time or to read it just once more to make sure it’s perfect and in the end you don’t publish it at all….



Why is taking action as a creative entrepreneur important?


If we dont keep moving, were just going to stagnate. Our businesses won’t grow. We’re never going to know what were capable of if we always give ourselves the cop-out of ‘I might fail’. Well, yeah, but what if you dont?


Last year, I went to the Youpreneur summit. It was the most amazing life changing event and I even had the absolute pleasure of meeting Pat Flynn. I listened intently to his keynote speech and one of his main points was that he started to be successful when he began to take unusual action.


Taking action as a creative entrepreneur.



So what can you do that no ones else’s doing? Taking unusual action is how you can really stand out and get traction. By looking at whats happening in your industry or your niche and then doing something different. Maybe it’s a different take on the idea or using a different platform for the execution. What can you do that’s innovative? It doesnt have to be a huge idea or a big undertaking. It just has to be different.


Were stuck because were scared. Were scared of being our true selves and of showing our personality. Just incase we turn someone off, or someone doesn’t like the content we have shared. The truth is not everyone will like you, but there are plenty of people out there that will resonate with what youre saying. If youre really true to yourself.


So, what can you do today to take imperfect, unusual action? What could you do that is different? What would make Pat Flynn happy?



How do you start taking action as a creative entrepreneur


You might be thinking, OK, I’m just about to launch a podcast. Most people have weekly or bi-weekly shows. Well, what if you did something different?


When John Lee Dumas started his podcast he looked at the market and decided to do something very innovative. He wanted to consume content daily from the shows he liked, but no-one was offering that. With a thirst to learn, he would binge on a podcast and then be disappointed when he had to wait another week for a new episode. He decided that he was his ideal reader listener and that theres was a market for a daily show. However, no one had done that before (and for good reason as its a little bit crazy)!. Being confident that with the right systems and processes he could to do it, he ignored the advice of his mentors and did it. Now EO Fire is a top ranked podcast and has cemented JLD as an expert. While growing his business to 7 figures.


Taking action as a creative entrepreneur.

Just chilling with JLD


Often we get stuck in inaction because weve got so many things that we could potentially do. The online world gives us the ability to take any direction with our blogs. The consequence is often that we stall and don’t know which route to take. For example, if you want to do a Facebook live show, how are you going to make that different to anything else’s in your niche? Or maybe if everyone in your niche is doing Facebook live is there an opportunity to do something on YouTube instead? Could you do Instagram live? Where are your audience and what could you do that would be different, while still reaching them?


What can you do today to take imperfect action? How could you make Pat Flynn happy? What could you do that is unusual for your niche or for that piece of content? If you’re a Food Blogger and everyone does their recipes as a blog post. Why not stand out by cooking yours live on Facebook with a printable recipe available to those watching? Or do it on Instagram stories and include going to the market to buy the ingredients too, to provide a rounded story.


Being successful is about failing. It’s about trying something, failing, learning and then doing something else. The fear of failing means we do nothing. An error can be missed on a post you have proof read 100 times. We need to embrace that we will never eradicate failing, nor should we want to. Let’s try to fail. If we are trying to fail we will be TRYING and more than likely that will learning and succeeding.


I agree that we want the work we produce and put out into the world to be the best possible quality. However, your content can’t help anyone while it is stuck on your hard drive waiting for your perfectionism to pass.


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So what are you going to do today to break out of being ‘Beige Bev’? How are you going to start taking action as a creative entrepreneur? What are you going to try that will make Pat Flynn happy?


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Do you get stuck? Not sure what to do so you do nothing? Want to know what Pat Flynn has to do with this? Taking action as a creative entrepreneur

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