What types of emails should you send to your email list?

What types of emails should you send to your email list?

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What types of emails should you send to your email list?



Getting your audience to join your email list is just the first step in your overall list-building strategy. The larger challenge is how to keep them engaged. if you can keep your list engaged you will be rewarded with a better community and more sales. Not just of your products but of affiliate offers too. The key here is to think about what to send to your email list that will benefit them?



The number one reason your readers joined your list is that they were looking for a solution to their problem. Your opt-in incentive solved a problem they were having, hopefully it gave them a quick win. They’re now hoping you will keep providing them with useful content. Providing solutions to solve other problems they have, so this is what to send to your email list.



These solutions can take many different forms, including:



Straight information



This is similar to a blog post or article. It answers a question (much like this blog does) your readers have and gives them the info they need to move to the next step.



Maybe you’ve discovered an easier way to track conversions on Facebook ads, maybe you discovered a way to knit a jumper in half an hour, or learned a new method for wiring a book in a week.



Whatever it is, share with your readers. Don’t ask for anything in return; just send them the info they need. By offering these information only emails, you’ll show your list members that you’re not just another marketer trying to sell them something. Instead, you’ll be seen as a valuable source of information (and your open rates will improve, too).







Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t ever sell anything to your list. You’d be shooting yourself in the foot if you did that. Not to mention you’d go broke pretty quickly!



Your audience is looking to you to give them the best content that will solve their problems. So it’s important that you DO create and send them offers. Think of it as serving your audience with exactly what they need. They need your:



  • Courses and coaching
  • Training
  • eBooks and guides



So make sure you include these offers in your emails from time to time.



Tools and training from others



As we’ve already said, your audience is depending on you to find and share the best information in your niche. Sometimes, that will take the form of an affiliate offer for a new tool, specialised training, free webinar, or other offers.



Make sure you check out the rules for any specific affiliate. Some do not allow links to be placed in emails. In this case you would need to link to a post which contains your affiliate links.



If you’re new to list building, it might be helpful for you to remember that these offers are meant to help your audience, not sell to them. When you start the commission you earn will be small, however, it’s not your primary goal.



It’s so important to approach your email marketing from a standpoint of being helpful, rather than being a sales person. This way it will always be easier to know what to send them and you’ll never be left asking what to send to your email list ever again. 


Do you have a content calendar mapped out for your email list?



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