3 sizzling ways to make emails more effective

3 sizzling ways to make emails more effective

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So how do you make emails more effective? Hopefully by now we ALL know that we should have an email list… You do know that don’t you? Ah good, phew! Today, I want to talk to you about the three things that every email needs in order for it to be effective. These things will help you create a great community who will hopefully go on to buy your products in the future. At the very least, they will become supporters of you and your business. We could all use more supporters, couldn’t we?!

Three things that make emails more effective (making them sizzle!) 

Make emails more effective #1


In all of your content, whether that’s blog posts, social media or your emails, you must be relatable. You want your readers to relate to you and for them to find points of resonance in your words. You want them to relate to you, so you can build the know, like and trust factor. In order to do this you have to share some of the real you. You don’t have to go overboard and overshare (there’s such a thing as TMI!), but be authentically you in what you do choose to share. It will make all the difference.

Make emails more effective #2


People usually op-in to get on your list. They have received a freebie of some sort and then they’re in. Often they’re not focused on as much as the ‘new’ people that we’re trying to get onto our list. This is wrong, as the people who have just opted-in are the people who are most interested in us. We should be maximising this and focusing on them. Giving free valuable information should be a given, but every email should have something useful inside. If you can send unexpected freebies, that’s a great way to reward your subscribers and show them that they are appreciated.

Make emails more effective #3


People often respond if you ask them to do something and the entire point of content marketing is to lead our audience towards a desired action. Your emails should be no different. Each email should have a purpose and that purpose should be to cement you as an authority and someone they can learn from. Or have a call to action. This could be mentioning your free Facebook group or getting them interested in going to listen to your podcast. Whatever you choose, you want to give them a next step to take when they’ve read your email.



Remember to communicate regularly with your subscribers. It will be very difficult to build a relationship with them if you’re contacting them infrequently.



There you have it, three key things that can make emails more effective. Do you have any of your own vital components to your emails?







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Want to make your emails more effective? Try these 3 sizzling ways


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