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7 tips to help you rock live video + Cheatsheet

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7 tips to help you rock live video



Live video is HOT! Although the appeal of Periscope maybe fading, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are really pushing forward with live video and influencers all over the world are using these platforms to create an awesome connection with their audience.



Live video is fast becoming a favourite of marketers, influencers and everyone who has a message and an audience that they want to speak to.



When it’s good, a live broadcast can be awesome. It can be a great way to get content that can help you move forward. If it isn’t planned and the presenter isn’t confident it can be a  little…. well.. awkward.



I truly believe in the power of live video and would encourage everyone to have a go. However, doing a little planning beforehand will make sure you create an awesome broadcast that your readers will love.  

You must promote!



Often as it is so easy to go live, people just press the button and they’re on air, forgetting to promote that they plan to go live. If you use all of your platforms and cross promote your upcoming live broadcast you will get more people showing up. On a platform like Facebook, although you will get lots of replay viewers it is important to get people on the live broadcast. The more people who join live and interact, the more relevant Facebook thinks your content is and so they will then show it to more people.



You can share your planned broadcast in relevant Facebook groups, email your list and even write a blog post to share the details of your live broadcasts. 



On Facebook if you use software such as Ecamm Live, when you schedule a live broadcast it pops a reminder on your timeline which people can then follow in order to be notified when you go live.

Interact with your audience



One of the main reasons I LOVE live video is that it gives me an opportunity to interact in real time with my audience. My audience get to experience the real me and I can chat to them and answer their questions. 



It can be tricky when you start doing ‘Lives’ to balance delivering content and interacting. It does get easier though when you get into a groove and planning will help you set out how you want your broadcast to go.

Structure is your friend



How many times have you hopped onto a broadcast to hear the host killing time, maybe even saying ‘I’ll just hang on until more people get here’…. er… not very captivating. Remember you only have a few seconds to persuade people to stick around. You need to keep it moving.



It’s a great idea to start with exactly what people are going to get from watching your ‘Live’. Then thank the replay viewers as they’re the only ones who will ever see your broadcast right from the start. I then would introduce myself very briefly (and only include relevant information). I find my elevator pitch is very useful to use here. Before checking the comments, saying hi to people (using their names) and getting straight into the content.



If you have 5 points you want to make, perhaps you can make two and then break for interaction and to check the comments. Then back to the content to deliver your last 3 points. Finishing with interaction and questions. This way you know whether you should be focused on content delivery or engagement and you’re not getting distracted by trying to juggle.



Remember to go back when your broadcast is finished and check the comments. You will attract replay viewers, some of who will ask questions and join in with the broadcast. 



Ask for engagement 



During your broadcast remember to ask your audience to hit the heart or like button if they agree with you. You can even ask them to share to broadcast. Try to encourage engagement a few times during your session.





Offer recap 


If you notice a jump in the numbers joining your live that would be a good time to recap the content you have given so far. Only do this briefly, but it can be a good way to make sure those just joining feel included and feel as if you’ve noticed them.




Repeat what works


I love Facebook live, but you might know your audience is on Youtube and so doing your live sessions over there might make sense. Find the platform that works for you and keep delivering great content.


Test all the variables. So if your audience are busy professionals and you’re trying to catch them during their commute then you might need to focus your sessions around 30 minutes and make sure you keep it fast moving. Conversely, if you’re teaching people to knit during your Facebook lives then these would tend to be older ladies with a little time on their hands. Due to the nature of your content the sessions would be slower and longer.


Live video is very different to YouTube. It definitely isn’t about perfection. No one expects you to look like a model or to speak like a TV presenter. Your audience want to be able to make a connection with you and they do that my seeing the real you. They aren’t perfect, so if you can show them that you aren’t either they will find more points of resonance with them. 





Are you ready to rock your livestreams?



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Want to do live video but not sure where to start? How would you stay on track? Here are 7 tips to help you rock live video plus free cheat sheet

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