13 ways to increase blog traffic

13 ways to increase blog traffic

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Everyone wants to increase blog traffic and there are various ways you can help to drive more traffic to your blog. With so many people trying to ‘go viral’, I’m going to share with you why I don’t think a viral post is as exciting as you may think and give you lots of ways you can improve traffic with loyal, returning fans.


I’ll start by saying there’s no quick fixes with traffic improving your blog. It can take time and a lot of effort to increase your traffic to a good level. The issue with viral post is that they often attract people to one post and that’s it. More often than not they  don’t convert into regular readers.


I would rather have people that will come back and visit my blog time after time. As that one person then could turn into thousands of page views over the years. I always want the readers that keep coming back, because they are the ones that are engaged, they are the ones that leave comments. They are also the ones that you can really impact and influence.


An engaged audience are more appealing and important to a brand as well. Engagement matters so much to brands and engagement comes from loyal readers, not passing traffic.


Steps to increase blog traffic


Increase blog traffic #1 – Set goals


The first step if you want to increase your traffic is to set some goals. I’d set a goal for a percentage increase of traffic you want to reach e.g 10% each month. It needs to be achievable with a bit of a push.


Increase blog traffic #2 – Shareable content


If you want to increase traffic the most important thing is to write shareable content. Solve a problem for your readers. Blogs that are the most successful, in the main, are blogs which are providing their readers with information to help them relieve their pain points. Write content that’s really useful and people will want to share it with their friends.


Make sure that you have your social sharing set up and that it is correctly configured. So people can actually share your content. I use the Shareaholic plug-in. You want to make sure it pulls the blog post title, the Url, and your Twitter handle. If people take the time to share your stuff, you should take the time to say thank you for sharing and you will only know they’ve shared if your Twitter handle is in the tweet.  This can all be found in the settings part of the plugin that you use and will take you five-seconds to go in and check the configuration.


Increase blog traffic #3- Research


What sort of content is doing well in your niche? What topics are being well received and attracting views? Interaction? Which pins are being repined frequently? This is not so you can copy these ideas, rather you can do your own spin on it, now you know the demand is there.


Use Google to get ideas too. Type in the first part of your post title idea and see what the autofill brings up. Again you’ll be giving people what they want.


Increase blog traffic #4 – Share your own posts


This should go without saying but share your own content. Include a pinnable image, pin it to your own boards, group boards and add to any Tribes you are in. Share on Facebook and set up some recurring tweets on Twitter.


Even though Twitter has changed what it allowed, you still need to share your posts multiple times to make sure they get exposed sufficiently. You can also use StumbleUpon to promote your post and increase your traffic.


Increase blog traffic #5 – Benefit from community


Joining Twitter chats and Facebook groups, not just to drop your link, but to add value.


Be genuinely helpful and add value. People will start to see you as a source of great information and seek out your blog too.


Increase blog traffic #6 – Tell your list


Promote your posts to your email list. You may choose to set up an RSS feed so they are automatically notified. Or you may choice to create a more bespoke email highlighting certain posts.


You can also share your most recent post on the bottom of your email signature using WiseStamp. Such an easy way to get traffic really, isn’t it?!


Increase blog traffic #7 – Pinterest


On Pinterest to get the best results use a really long descriptive description (in the alt text field of your image). Tell people what the problem is and how your post can help. For example ‘Do you find it’s really difficult to make the perfect pancake? If you do, then this post will show you how to nail those pancakes so you always cook the perfect pancake’


Increase blog traffic #8 – Commenting on other blogs


Be genuine when you comment on other blogs. I’d say this is the biggest thing that I did to start with to increase traffic. Go leave a genuine comments. Don’t link drop. Just be a nice person  and leave genuine comments. People then probably will return the favour. But more importantly you will grow the community around your blog.


Increase blog traffic #9 – Go live on Facebook


Facebook love their own Facebook Live and are still really pushing this content. Even if you facebook live to introduce your new blog post or your new a youtube video, you might find you pick up some new readers.


Increase blog traffic #10 – Guest posting


This will help you meet a whole new audience that you’ve never reached before. You will be able to include a link back to your blog, so it’s brilliant for building back links, but also just to get a new traffic referrer.


Increase blog traffic #11 – Write a round up post


Another great way to get traffic is to write a round up post. This can be on whatever topic suits you. It could be your favourite food bloggers or bloggers you’re inspired by. You would include them all in the same post and then share the post with them, tagging them in on social media. This means they are quite likely to share your post, increasing your traffic as you will benefit from their audience too.


Increase blog traffic #12 – SEO your posts properly


SEO is so important. Do your keyword research and then include your chosen keywords in your post. SEO does make a big difference to whether Google shows your content in the search results.


Increase blog traffic #13 – Design


Make sure your site is attractive. When people land on your site they’re not going to want to stay if the aesthetics aren’t attractive. Make sure that it’s clear and professional looking.


All of these points really help to grow your blog. Growing your blog is going to grow your readership and traffic as well.


That’s a whistle-stop tour of how to start to grow your traffic. What’s been the most effective traffic-building strategy for you?


Looking for ways to increase blog traffic? 13 ways to increase blog traffic

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