How to create shareable blog posts

How to create shareable blog posts

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Why do some posts ‘go viral’ attracting hundreds of shares and comments, while others struggle to get one or two. Creating shareable content isn’t luck (or not for the most part), it is most definitely down to the skill of creating shareable blog posts.


So how do you create the type of content that get attention and that people feel compelled to share?



Create value packed posts



When you’re writing a post don’t just write a couple of hundred words and be done with it. Dig deep into the topic and write something worth reading. Give your readers as much information as you can. Don’t leave them disappointed.


The optimum length of posts for shareable blog posts is 2,200 words, so while some people advocate short and snappy, that theory isn’t borne out by testing. People are willing to invest the time to read a post IF it is good, value information which will help their current situation.



Make the most of Infographics



You can share other people’s or create your own, either way infographics are very shareable. These attractive, colourful, easy-to-understand graphics condense stats into easily digestible bite-sized pieces. You can create your own using Piktochart or one of the templates on Canva very easily. Add an embeddable link into your post so other people will be able to use your infographic in their content (linking back to you as the source).



Show your personality


Boring soul less posts will not get shared. It can be tricky to really embrace your true voice on your blog. You have to get vulnerable which isn’t always easy. You have to be prepared to attract AND repel and be o.k. with that. It’s so important to be you and let your personality shine through.


People want real content from real people and if they get it they’ll probably share it too. Be open and honest with your audience and they will develop a connection with you. Those connected to you are much more likely to share your content. They feel like your a friend and they want to help a friend.



Include social sharing buttons


This might sounds very obvious but people need to be able to share your post. Make sure your sharing buttons are in a prominent position and that they all work properly. Make sure when you click to share on Twitter that it is set up properly and includes your Twitter handle. You want to be notified that someone has shared your post and someone will be more likely to share if you are going to know about it.


Showcase influencers


Create posts which include influencers. So maybe you do a round up post or a one to one interview. Either way having an influencer on your blog means your post will get more attention and they are likely to share the content with their networks too.


Make sure the topic is the right one!


Your content won’t get shared if no-one is interested. So make sure you validate the idea before you write the post. Make sure the content addresses your audiences pain points and do a Google keyword search to make sure people are searching for it.


One up your competitors


Investigate your competitors and see what content they have which is being shared widely. Then you simply create content which is more valuable to your audience than theirs.



I hope this has helped you think of some ideas you can add into your own content creation. How do you create shareable blog posts?


Are you creating content but not getting the shares you would like? How to create shareable blog posts

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