How to create a successful mindset

How to create a successful mindset

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How to create a successful mindset



Often we can view changing your mind as negative? You might have the perception of someone changing his or her mind as being indecisive or weak? However, there are many situations  where changing your mind is actually a positive event.



From childhood, there are many stories we tell ourselves as we absorb the environment around us. We might believe our sister or brother is brighter or funnier than us. Some people may be a mindset of living small. Perhaps every time they did not succeed, they were praised and accepted instead of encouraged and motivated to do better. Being successful and striving for more, may have been seen as negative in some way.



The habit we learn as children and the labels we accept can limit our growth, whether the label was representative of the truth or not.



Labels which can effect your ability to create a successful mindset



Just because we are assigned a label, either internally or externally doesn’t mean we have to accept them. Just because you are given a label does not mean you are stuck with it. We may be taught that Rachel is the trouble maker, while Suzy is the musician in the family. This could create limiting mindsets. We can change our mindset and change it for the better.


* Acknowledge that you’re capable and have the ability to change your mindset. 

* Believe that you can change your label at any time. All you have to do is choose to do so.

* Get to work. No change comes without work.



Practices to adopt to create a successful mindset



If you’re a coach, it’s better to facilitate growth and the ability in your clients to create a successful mindset by motivating rather than labelling or viewing your student as someone who is, ‘not as good as’ someone else or ‘not as talented in a certain area or skill.’



  • Consider each person to be an individual. Seek to discover their weaknesses, so you can then concentrate on how to challenge them.
  • Challenge them to reach greater heights by motivating.
  • Give them the belief that they can and will work hard to achieve greater results; that they can be stretched to grow.



If you’re not a coach or a teacher you can still us these principles to create a successful mindset for yourself.



You have a choice. You can either stay stuck or change your mindset and your future. Face the areas of your life that are your weakest; avoidance doesn’t work. What does work is hard work and keeping an open mind. Have you fought back against a label you have been assigned? How did you create a successful mindset



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