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How to have a stress-free business launch

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You might have been dreaming about leaving your 9 to 5 for years and when the time comes you DO NOT want additional stress. I’m going to share some ways you can ensure you launch your new business without the stress.


You wanted freedom and to live your life on your own terms and not to put yourself through avoidable stress. Before you hand your notice in, make sure you have the foundations in place to set yourself up for success.


Get your family onboard


An unsupportive partner and family can really affect your mindset and subsequent success. While it is important to focus on your own path, not expecting your family to totally ‘get’ what you’re doing with your business, hostility will be detrimental. Clearly explain your plans and don’t expect them to be as excited as you are about them. Don’t take it personally.


Create a financial bumper


Money worries will put a dampener on even the most driven and enthusiastic entrepreneur. So, use the time when you still have a regular wage to build a safety net. Even a modest figure will help reduce any stresses caused by money worries. Ideally three months of living expenses in the bank will give you a buffer to be able to focus on getting things going.



Make time for you


Getting a business off the ground and juggle normal day to day life is hard work. You will be pulling some long hours and you will have a lot on your plate. It is so important to take time to decompress each and every day. This might literally be 10 minutes of meditation, walking the dog or painting your nails. It doesn’t really matter what you do. It is more of the action of doing something other than work. Taking time to look after yourself. Whether it is making sure you eat properly or get away from your desk, self-care is so important. This may well have to be scheduled and actually I would advise it. That was you know it will get done, just like all of your other obligations.


This time-out will give you space and stop the overwhelm hitting you.


Starting your own business if the best thing you can do. I love the fact that the effort and skill I put into my business comes back to me. Affecting both mine and my families lives, rather than lining someone else’s pocket. With this in mind these quick tips will help you get in the right financial position and mindset to hit the ground running and your best self, ready to kill it as a business owner.


Good luck, you KNOW you can do it.




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