6 ways to monetise a blog

6 ways to monetise a blog

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Picture the scene… you’ve been through the craziness of unexplained infertility and finally got your wish, a beautiful baby girl. You’re at home, alone, and it looks like you’re losing the job you loved so much. The job which used to be your baby. Friends seem to have deserted you and the black cloud of Post Natal Depression engulfs you. You thought you would never fall prey to this darkness, you’re a go-getter, proactive, do-er… yet there you are unable to stop the tears.



This was me just over 4 years ago and I can remember those feelings as if they were yesterday. The waves of unimaginable sadness that washed over me, despite having everything I wanted. I had NO right to feel like I did, I got MY happy ending. Although it didn’t feel all that happy….



Fast forward those 4 years and I’m a top UK Family Lifestyle blogger, working with international brands, being sent away of holidays, press events and earn more than I have ever done in any ‘traditional’ jobs. I also have a growing Mamapreneur Revolution community, in which I support other mums to transition their blogs into their businesses, just like I did, via free support and free/paid courses/membership community.



So what changed? I started a blog and learned how to monetise it.



Many people start a blog as a hobby, just like I did, but never fully realise their full potential. They think monetising can only be done if you have 100,000 page views each month or some amazing skill or niche to capitalise on.



What I want people to know is how amazing the online world is and how it can literally change your life (I know it has mine!) and your business.



You might be a new blogger or trying to juggle a 9-5 plus a blog and it might seem too overwhelming to think about monetising your blog. It needn’t be overwhelming, believe me if I can do it you can too. I’m going to share six ways you can start to monetise your blog even if you’re new to the online world.



So, let’s dig in;



Sponsored posts 


Probably the most well-known and most commonly utilised ways of monetising a blog is through sponsored posts. A brand pays a blogger to write about their goods or services. The fee you can command depends on the authority of your blog and also the engagement/size of your audience. You can register with various blogging networks in your niche, who offer various opportunities to bloggers. You might also see suitable opportunities on social media.



Offer freelance blogging/writing 


It’s quite possible to make a good income as a freelance blogger or writer, which you can manage alongside your own blog. Quite often these opportunities will come to you via your blog.



Google AdSense 


This is one of the most popular ad networks for bloggers. You earn money by placing ads on your site and you get paid either by the number of page views (a set amount for every 1k page views) or you can get paid based on the number of people who clicked the link in the ad ($0.01 to a couple of dollars depending on the ad).



Affiliate links


There are so many brands you can partner with and earn income by sharing their products on your site. You gain a % of the product value if someone buys through your link. The pages are usually ‘cookied’, meaning you earn on every product the person buys for a number of days after they click through the link. There are pay per click affiliate schemes. However, for a new blogger who may be lacking in traffic, the schemes that pay you a % of the sale work better. Amazon can be a great place to start and investigate the tools that you know and love. You can then see if those brands have an affiliate scheme which you could join directly, this might mean a higher % of commission for you. Always make sure you are recommending products and services you use and love, so the links will be more natural.



Social media promotion 


Some brands will pay bloggers to promote their products on the bloggers social networks. This would be less involved than a full blog post and usually the fee would be lower.


Sell products 


This can be done in a few different ways. You can create a shop section of your blog filled with products which can then be drop shipped to the customer, while you retain a % of each sale. Or you can create your own physical products. Otherwise you can create online products, such as ebooks, courses, printables and much more. You could then sell these on your blog or through a site such as Etsy, SendOwl, Payhip, Gumroad.



So there you have it, 6 fab ways to begin to make monetise a blog. Start dipping you toe in the water with one of these income streams and then add to it as your blog grows. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential a blog can have to generate income, but they will definitely get you started.



Did you struggle to get started with monetisation? What’s your favourite way to monetise a blog?



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Looking for ways to monetise your blog? Here are 6 ways to monetise a blog

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  1. You are a fountain of knowledge! I’ve just left my career behind as my mental health took such a knock after recurrent miscarriage. My blog has always been my place of sanctuary, and recently, a place for others to find support. It’s only now that I face unemployment that it has occurred to me that it could bring a little money into the house. Really loved your tips! Definitely going to try them out xx

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