How to set boundaries to protect you from burnout

How to set boundaries to protect you from burnout

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Do you have boundaries?….. If I’m being real with you, I didn’t. I find it so hard to draw any lines in my life, which can leave me stressed and exhausted. Do you know the feeling? When you’re running a solo business it can be easy to end up overwhelmed every day. There’s always so much to do and your todo list only ever seems to get longer. You might think there isn’t much you can do, but you can take the pressure off by setting boundaries for yourself and your blog.


Here are a few of my tips that help keep me on track every day;



How to set boundaries #1. Schedule ALL THE THINGS. When I say ALL THE THINGS I mean everything. At the start of the week my diary is scheduled and I block out time for everything I need to do. Whether that is time in my free Facebook group, in my membership, writing courses, blog posts, answering email, it’s all in there. Also in there are school runs, exercise, showering, lunch, the works. This means I never have to use any brain power figuring out what’s next and what my priorities are it is all there. Meaning I can be way more productive and way less overwhelmed. ​



How to set boundaries #2. Don’t answer emails first thing in the morning. You know what happens you have the best of intentions to work and smash out a certain task but you open your email and straight away you are being reactive. You are then spending the first part of on someone else’s agenda, not your own. Try checking your email twice a day, after you have achieved your own most important tasks.



How to set boundaries #3. Say no a lot more. Are you a people pleaser? Yep me too, and for years I said yes to most things. If I could possibly do it, I would. The only thing it lead to was major overwhelm. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should or that you have to. Make sure you are saying yes to things that will benefit you and move the needle forward in your business (or that you enjoy!).



Spend time on the things that will make a difference to you, to your life and to your bigger picture. The things that will move your forward. Don’t forget time and energy are finite resources, so now is the time to s​et boundaries to protect them.



What boundaries have you set in your life?


Do you need to know How to set boundaries to protect you from burnout?

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