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How I went from depressed new mum to helping hundreds of women build their online empires.

Hi! I'm Aby

Before the blog there were jobs, some I enjoyed, but I always felt as if something was missing. Before I created my online world I felt lost.

I knew I had more to give.

Our much-longed for daughter was born, PND struck and my life was unrecognisable. I didn't even know myself anymore. 

Then I started a blog. A blog that changed my life. 

I believe… … we can all change our lives if we want it enough. … that through focus and consistency success becomes easy. … that we are all capable of making a positive impact in the world. … that you and I should probably be friends.


Shall we get to know each other?

I'm a blogger, course creator, mischief maker. My greatest passion is helping mamas achieve what they are capable of, so they can live fulfilled lives.

So, here’s my story.

I changed my life when I started a blog. Growing up I never knew what I wanted to 'be'. None of the traditional jobs were very appealing. I moved from job to job trying to find something which fuelled me.

I always think my blog found me and I'm so very grateful it did. 

Through this space online I have been able to change my life and help countless mamas to change theirs too. 

Now, you’re one of them.   

Welcome to the Revolution!


Since I wrote that first post, I have …Collaborated incredible with international brands. …Helped to raise thousands of pounds for children's charities. …Created an amazing community focusing on supporting mamas to live their best life. Guilt-free! …Grown a social following of over 60,000. …Launched The Revolution Inner Circle in 2017 with the intention of creating a supportive space focused on success for Mama entrepreneurs. …Uprooted my whole life in the UK to move our new life in France to begin a whole new chapter. …. Which brings us to the here and now.

The only question I have now is: Are you ready to take your next step — and start your own revolution? To create a successful life and business on your terms?

Find out where you are on the Blogging Roadmap!

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Aby Moore is a full time blogger and online course creator. Aby's blog You Baby Me Mummy, is a top UK Family lifestyle blog, which specialises in blogging advice. She offers coaching, courses and has a thriving membership community. Aby helps mama bloggers create more freedom in their lives through monetising their blog by providing them support, guidance & a clear roadmap to success.

My story

Aby Moore is a full time blogger and online course creator. Aby started her blog when her daughter was 5 months old. Suffering from PND and dealing with a difficult employer, she found herself very alone.  With a strong desire to record those special family moments, she started a blog.

Within 4 months of starting she did her first brand collaboration and within 15 months she was earning more than she ever had done in any previous 'traditional' job. She now teaches other mums to leverage their positives so they turn their blogs into their businesses and give their lives more freedom. Blogging literally changed her life and she loves helping others use blogging to change theirs.



Don't hesitate to contact me if you need something different aby@youbabymemummy.com